Van Deemter Family Tree

Via the link below, you can scan through a large set of linked HTML files (one per family) and an alphabetic names list. With these files it is easy to locate a person in the family tree and also to check relations between relatives.

By law, it is forbidden to publish personal data (like date and town of birth, marriage, etc. ) of living people without their written permission. Therefore, I will only include personal data of persons who were born more than 100 years ago (assuming they do not live anymore). If you scan the family tree and discover that your data are marked as -protected- and if you would like to disclose them on internet, please send me an e-mail or letter in which you state that you approve publishing these data (mail: jos and then @ and then

As new data are continuously included in the family tree, the html-files below will be updated regularly. The current configuration number of the files is: 13, posted at 03-08-2005 .


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