Ancestors of Alje van Deemter

Alje van Deemter, born in 1883 and died in .... was my grand-grandfather, who lived all his life in Groningen, the Netherlands. About 15 years ago, I got the opportunity to publish a "kwartierstaat" (=list of both male and female ancestors of a person) of my family in the Second Groninger Kwartierstatenboek, and decided to choose the ancestors of my grandgrandfather Alje van Deemter. After a long delay, the book was published in 2001 ( editors R.H. Alma et al., Groningen 2001). Via the link below, you can scan through a large set of linked HTML files (one per family) and an alphabetic names list. With these files it is easy to locate a person in the family tree and also to check relations between relatives.

Currently, the set of files is still under construction.

I expect that the files will appear in August/September 2002.


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