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Start date: December 1, 2001

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Introduction & Background

Who wrote this page?

My name is Jos van Deemter, born in 1966 in Groningen, the Netherlands. In the 1970's, I started wondering why my surname is "Van Deemter", and who are my ancestors. In the early 80's I was still living in Groningen, and I found my way to archives in Groningen where I started investigating the origins of the Van Deemter family. I was very lucky, because it appeared that (at least my branch of) the Van Deemter family lived in Groningen and its neighbourhood for the last 400 years. I spent many holidays in those archives and with lots of effort I found a treasure of data; not only dates of birth, marriage and death but also information on the professions of the Van Deemter's, on the houses they owned, if they had appeared in court, and sometimes even very detailed lists of their posessions when they died.

The amount of information is sufficient for writing a book about the history of the Van Deemter family, and this is what I have started to do recently. Unfortunately, my genealogical research was postponed roughly from 1986-2001, because I started studying, later went working abroad, started a career in industry and also started a family. In mean time, I got contacts with several relatives who were also interested in their origins. Although in the beginning I have been anxious to give away some results of my research, I have now decided to publish a large part of the data on the internet.

Why this page?

After those 15 years, I realised that it is very difficult, or even impossible, to collect all the data (especially the recent data) from all over the world without any help. Besides, it can sometimes be quite boring when you do the research all by yourself. It would be much more interesting if could (virtually) meet all interested relatives and enable them to contribute data to the research and in this way build the family tree together. Fifteen years ago, this would be quite difficult to realise, but with the current possibilities of internet it is quite easy to create a family homepage. This is the reason why this homepage was created. It can be found easily with any search machine with the keywords "van deemter" and "genealogy" or "family tree". Further, it will contain a number of interesting subjects (such as a family tree, a guest book, information on the Van Deemter Genealogy, etc.) which make it worthwhile to visit the page, especially for members of the Van Deemter family. 

Description of the Contents

The current homepage contains the following items:

The origins of the name Van Deemter

During the research in the archives and also afterwards, I discovered that almost all Van Deemters are related (including some adopted family members); until now I did not find a single Van Deemter who can not be traced back to our common ancestors or have a close band with biological Van Deemters. The name Van Deemter comes from "Van Deventer" which means "from Deventer". Deventer is a city in The Netherlands. In 1610 a guy named Johan Jansen went to Groningen and was registered there as "Johan Jansen uit Deventer" ("uit" also means "from"). Later, he called himself Johan Jansen van Deventer and his children also used this name Van Deventer. In 1750, the descendants of Johan Jansen used the name Van Deemter for the first time. Van Deemter can be considered as a corruption of the name Van Deventer by the Groningen dialect. After Napoleon conquered The Netherlands, in 1810(?) the name Van Deemter was officially registered, and since that time, the family uses the name Van Deemter. Meanwhile, members of the family have moved all over the world: The Netherlands, South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, etc.

How to help!!!

If your surname is Van Deemter, and/or if you can tell something interesting on Van Deemters whom you know or knew, I would be obliged to you if you would leave a message in the guestbook or send a mail to me. I would love to know who is interested in the Van Deemter family research. Also, it would be great if you could contribute to the history of the Van Deemter family, but also just for fun you can leave a message in the Van Deemter family homepage guestbook or send a mail to: famtree, then an @ and then Thank you for visiting this page and for your cooperation.

Jos van Deemter

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